European Convergence Summit 2024


Adra-e is organising the European Convergence Summit (ECS) 2024, an online event that will take place on June 19th 2024.

The ECS brings together influential figures to support collaboration in the Artificial Intelligence Data and Robotics (ADR) partnership, define research directions, and build consensus, focusing on ADR's impact on energy/CO2 reduction.

ADRA-e aims to showcase success stories in AI, Data, and Robotics, highlighting promising pathways for ADR through interactive demonstrations of these technologies working together.

The event is organised in three main Blocks, an exhibition section, and a final Foresight Panel, in particular:

Block 1: European Strategies in ADR
The summit's first part will explore Europe's ADR standing globally. Key speakers will discuss rising competition among nations and emphasise the vital role of AI, data, and robotics in the EU, driven by increased demand across industries.

Block 2: ADR and Environmental Issues
The next section will tackle the complex relationship between ADR and environmental concerns. Experts will address ADR's impact on sustainability, considering its energy consumption against efforts to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

Block 3: Public Involvement and Normative Issues
In the final part, focus will shift to public involvement and regulatory needs. Discussions will cover the necessity for legal and ethical measures governing ADR technology to ensure ethical use and mitigate misuse. Socio-economic impacts, including effects on employment and the need for retraining, will also be addressed to tackle potential inequalities.

ADR Exhibition
The ADR Exhibition will showcase demonstrations of successful collaboration among the three technologies. EC-funded projects and initiatives can highlight cutting-edge technologies and outline promising paths for ADR through impactful interactions between at least two of these technologies.

Projects will be given space to showcase their demonstrations, how does it work?

  • Your project must have at least one demonstrator - i.e. a video, a presentation, a demo worth sharing, a live remote test that can be streamed, etc. that can be showcased in a digital booth that Adra-e will provide.
  • The Adra-e project provides the space for the exhibition and the instructions to manage your digital booth
  • No registration fees will be requested.

Foresight Panel

To conclude, a foresight panel will use insights from preceding panels and exhibition showcases to outline promising future directions for ADR. It will also provide recommendations for R&D funding priorities and distil key takeaway messages for widespread dissemination at the summit's close.

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