The ITHACA project promotes responsible artificial intelligence (AI) practices aligned with human rights and democratic principles. It assesses AI’s potential to enhance citizens’ participation in local governance and empower vulnerable groups.


AI is all around us – in our homes, cars, workplaces and in our pockets. The more pervasive AI becomes, the more important it is to ensure applications are trustworthy. It is just as important to build public trust. In this context, the EU-funded AI4Gov project will address the ethical, trust, discrimination and bias issues associated with AI and Big Data.


Today’s societies experience a profound lack of dialogue between citizenship and policy making institutions. The EU-funded ORBIS project will address the disconnects between ambitious ideas and collective actions to enable the transition to a more inclusive, transparent and trustful deliberative democracy in Europe. It will shape and support new democratic models developed through deliberative democracy processes.


In the era of information, combating the infodemic has become a critical challenge. The infodemic, just like a pandemic, is characterized by the rapid spread of disinformation, misinformation, fake news, and various types of interference. This phenomenon significantly impacts democratic participation and engagement across various sectors, including elections, vaccination efforts, and migration policies. Recognizing the severity of these challenges, IMMUNE 2 INFODEMIC aims to provide a pre-emptive approach.