KT4D at the ecpr General Conference 2024 at University College Dublin


The European Consortium of Political Science (ecpr) organised its general conference between August 12th and 15th 2024 at University College Dublin. The conference promotes research in all subfields of political sciences, from international organisations and public policy to debates on democracy and culture.

The conference definitely represents an opportunity for those who carry out research, study  or manage projects in the field of political sciences, but also for those who are interested in learning new perspectives of such a pervasive and diverse discipline. The conference is a full day immersion into knowledge hosted by the College of Social Sciences and Law and is structured into thematic Sections and subsequent Panels, with each Panel focusing on a specific research question through a collection of related Papers

KT4D at the event 

Atte Ojanen from Demos Helsinki, will be participating at the event on behalf of KT4D chairing a panel entitled ‘Navigating the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Governance: A Multifaceted Exploration’. The panel is part of the section on Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Democracy and will present a number of different papers with a particular focus on how AI and Democracy can align guaranteeing the respect of equity, justice and inclusivity.

The panel explores the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on democratic governance, analysing its influence on public discourse, policy-making, and the balance of power within institutions. It delves into AI's role in shaping political discourse, mediating information flow, and its ethical considerations, focusing on potential biases, decision-making dilemmas, and societal implications. Additionally, it discusses the regulatory challenges of AI governance, including privacy and data protection, and the international dimension of AI policy. Practical applications of AI in improving public service delivery and participatory decision-making are examined, highlighting successful case studies. 

More about the panel and the event's registration here.