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The Final Conference organized by Norface GOVERNANCE, entitled "Democratic Governance in a Turbulent Age," is set to take place in Vienna from February 14th to 16th.

This event, hosted by the University of Vienna's Department of Communication, invites participants to explore the intricate challenges that democratic politics and governance face in Europe amid turbulent contemporary times. The 14 international research projects funded through the NORFACE GOVERNANCE program, each offering unique academic perspectives, will delve into topics such as party system transformations, citizen-government connections, political parties, and democratic processes.

Participating in the Norface GOVERNANCE Final Conference provides an opportunity to gain insights into the dynamics of polarization, the impact of disinformation, the decline in trust towards institutions, and Dwindling political participation. The conference, meticulously organized by the University of Vienna, ensures a comprehensive exploration of these critical themes.

For the convenience of conference participants, the organizers have pre-selected hotels, and further details can be found on the conference website

The program is structured to facilitate a rich exchange of ideas and knowledge, with each of the fourteen research projects presenting their results and outlining future research plans. This promises to offer valuable perspectives on both the current state and the prospective evolution of democratic governance.

The three-day conference schedule includes a welcoming session on February 14th, featuring keynote speeches, panels, and an evening reception. Subsequent days include additional panels, a conference dinner on February 15th, and panels continuing until lunchtime on February 16th.

Registration for the conference is free of charge for all GOVERNANCE members, while academic scholars not affiliated with GOVERNANCE can attend for a nominal fee of 50 Euros, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of participants.