World Forum for Democracy 2024 - Democracy and Diversity - Can we transcend the divides?


Democracy is one of the fundamental values of European societies and despite being often considered as a given and unquestionable fact by most citizens, it is extremely important to keep questioning its health and resistance for the sake of its survival.

The World Forum for Democracy 2024 has a never seen before significance given the quantity of people that this year will be approaching the polls. The forum will be held in Strasbourg between November 6th and 8th and KT4D, which focuses on civic engagement and participation in democratic societies, wants to make this event known to its community. It is important that all of us remain informed and updated with the arising challenges and threats with which our systems are confronted.

The focal points of this 2024 edition of the forum will be the divisive and elements that characterise societies and that are rooted in them. New ways of making electoral processes more inclusive will be discussed together with how to counteract threats coming from misinformation web campaigns. Misinformation related to AI and Big data are exactly what KT4D focuses on, and we are sure of the importance of keeping up the discussion around what these new technologies can bring, both on a positive and on a negative note.

Finally, during the event there will be talks also about citizen engagement, another area in which KT4D is highly invested. We often hear representation related challenges in modern societies, where certain - if not most - groups of citizens feel like nobody is representing their interests and beliefs. During the forum we will discuss new ways of making democracy more capable of representing the increasingly diversifying pool of voters fostering engagement especially among young people.

More information on the forum available here: