Symposium - ‘How can industries operate through AI ACT?’

Paris School of Mines, 75006, Paris France

Between June 13 01:30 PM and June 14 06:00 PM, Mines Paris is organising a Symposium entitled ‘How can industries operate through AI ACT?’ held at the Paris school of Mines.

The rapid rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought new opportunities and challenges worldwide. In response, the European Union introduced the AI ACT, a regulatory framework to ensure responsible AI use and development in the EU. The act represents the starting point for further AI development and is under close scrutiny of all bodies dealing with AI, just as KT4D which intends to exploit it to enhance civic participation and preserve democratic processes.

The June symposium will be articulated around three main questions that will be addressed by a panel of international speakers which include members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The questions will be:

  1. How will AI ACT emerge and affect the industrial sector?
    This section will examine its impact on various industries, discussing key provisions and how businesses and policymakers can prepare for these changes
  2. Manual jobs: what is their future through AI?
    The second part of the symposium will explore cutting-edge technologies, focusing on Human-centred AI, motion capturing, and human monitoring methodologies, discussing the benefits and challenges of AI for manual jobs, and addressing practical, ethical, and legal implementation difficulties
  3. Can AI ACT be harmful for creative industries? How can they adapt and adjust?
    The third and final part of the symposium will discuss the challenges of using AI in creative industries within the AI ACT framework and how businesses can adapt to these changes while preserving the value of human work.

To learn more about the event’s program and tickets, visit the following link: