Opportunity to Join Two Recently Formed AI Groups


There is an open invitation for those experienced in the field of AI and interested in its impact on society to join two recently formed groups.

The objective of the AI Act Dissemination group is to disseminate the AI Act and to deliver a document that would make the AI Act more accessible to non-standards people. We believe that the AI Act is a crucial piece of legislation that will shape the development of AI in Europe for years to come. However, we also recognise that the document can be challenging for non-experts to navigate. Our goal is to make the AI Act more comprehensible for everyone and ensure that its contents are both accessible and well-understood.

The AI Trustworthiness Characterisation group whose aim is to fill the gaps of SC 42 standards and bring actionable requirements to the harmonised standards while being an overarching layer connecting and adapting SC 42 standards or others, when they exist, to the EU specificities and support EU values and principles. We particularly welcome contributions from SMEs and civil society, to make this goal a reality. We also aim to actively bring together communities, especially in reasoning and learning, in an academic-industrial network with the vision and capability of developing the scientific foundations for realising the European vision of human-centered Trustworthy AI.Both of these groups offer unique opportunities to contribute to the development of AI in Europe. The reports  will be presented to the EU Commission under the Adra-e project We strongly encourage you to join us and share your thoughts, insights, and expertise.

To join the group or ask for more information please email Sharon Farrell (sharon.farrell [at] adaptcentre.ie)